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 Lampes à photopolymériser


SDCcuring light

dentmate curing light





Dentmate Curing Lightdentmate

  • 6 powerful extensive modes: OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 6 modes including Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Turbo
  • 2 sec. fast cure: Use high power 10W LEDs, up to 2400 mW/cm, it can cure the composite resin over 2 mm in 2 seconds
  • Never Shutdown within continuous use: Smart heat-management system prevents device overheating during continuous use
  • Built-in radiometer: OLED display, easy to check intensity
  • Cartridge battery: Use cartridge design, easy to change battery















Dentaltangen dental

  • Sondes, mondspiegels
  • Extractietangen
  • Instrumenten voor kroon-en brugwerk
  • Naaldvoerders
  • Pincetten
  • ...

  HSZ 997-12-1 Oliestift


BAXMANN MINI TELESCOPE Rigid Class II correction

The new generation of Class II correction - comfort, strength and control with simple installation and activation.


The BMT™ is designed specifically to attach easily and quickly to a headgear tube or lip bumper tube. Directly attaching to the buccal tube, eliminates uncontrolled forces being transmitted to the main arch, creating undesirable protrusion.  Attachment is fast and easy as this system requires no prior lab work.

Professor Baxmanns’ Mini Telescope is designed specifically to reduce and eliminate common problems experienced during Class II correction -undesirable intrusive molar forces, undesired protrusion, lack of control, breakage issues, complicated installations and activation.









  • Instrumenten voor linguale orthodontie
  • Instrumenten voor splint therapie
  • Ligature cutter, Distal End Cutter
  • Kaak- en lipretractor
  • Pincetten
  • Meetinstrumenten
  • ...


 HSZ 997-12-1 Oliestift              Distal end cutter


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