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SS Kobayashi and Ligature Ties

ss ligature ties

The preformed Kobayashi and Ligature ties are made of annealed 304 Stainless Steel to ensure consistent shape and predicatable performance. Used in place of elastic ligatures, you will appreciate the ease with which they can be placed over the bracket and tied.



stainless steel wire

  • Closed springs: or extension springs are effective in maintaining space openings.
  • Open springs: or compression springs are most commonly used to create space.








niti veren

FLEXADENT™ Nickel Titanium’s superelastic qualities make it the perfect material for orthodontic springs.

With proper usage, Niti springs are highly resistant to permanent set and provide comfortable, predictable forces during treatment.

In comparison, stainless steel springs exert high initial forces, lose force quickly after placement, and will commonly take a permanent set.

1. Open Coil Spring:

  • Made of premium Nickel Titanium wire.
  • Provide continuous forces throughout  activation.
  • Virtually no permanent deformation with  proper usage.
  • Wide range of forces available.

2. Closed Coil Spring

  • Springs are made of premium Nickel Titanium wire.
  • Provide continuous retraction forces  throughout activation.
  • Securely attached, precision designed stainless steel Key-end eyelets for easy attachment.


3. Distalizing Spring

4. NiTi Class II Spring


Starlight Express

starlight 01

Clear button and clear-aligner button former with light-polimerisation in pencil-size.

This small light-cure pen forms a tooth-colored button quickly and economically. Simply fill the preformed tip with your light-curing bonding or resin material in syringes and light-cure for a button that is virtually invisible.

  • Compact pencil size
  • Leight weight
  • Battery powered for convenience
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Clear button former
  • Clear clear-aligner button former
  • Can be also used on most standard light-curing lamps
  • Fast curing time with approx. 30-50 sec


TOP FIT Buccal Tubes

  • tubesOctagon Headgear Tube minimizes friction by utilizing single point contact on the interior walls.
  • Torque in the Base gives you level slot line-up and a low profile design, which reduces occlusal interference.
  • Trumpet headgear, facilitates facebow insertion, which maximizes patient comfort.
  • Chamfering helps guide the arch wire into that seemingly impossible slot.
  • Comfort Hook was integrally designed to allow for several adjustments without separation.
    The design, coupled with the malleability, allows you into maximize patient comfort by bending the hook away from the gingival and later extending it when a hook is required.










Quad-Helix & Bi-Helix

quad-helix bi-helix 01

The Adenta Quad Helix & Bi Helix permits greater flexibility and control during treatment. Available in various preformed sizes with straight (upper) or curved (lower) retention sheaths.

Quad Helix - sizes - 1,2,3 & 4

Bi Helix - sizes - 1,2,& 3





Rapid Palatal Expanderpalatal expander

High quality RPE screws made in Germany from surgical stainless steel. The arms are pre-bent with symmetrical anatomical angulation.
Expansion capacity and direction arrow are laser engraved on the expander body for simply and easy use.




Palatal Barbar

Preformed in 12 different sizes with a distal coffin loop.






DISTAL GLIDE - effective distalization

distal glide

The  DISTAL GLIDE™ (modified Pendulum) has proved to be an incredibly efficient and predictable source of non-compliant Class II correction. Our aim was to develop the simplest, easy to handle appliance that would allow the patient to maintain good oral hygiene, improve patient comfort,  ease of appliance placement and activation, and obtain the most effective distalization.

  • Pre-manufactured distal glide spring for consistent precision
  • CNA Beta III combines wires which offers excellent resiliency when compared to Stainless Steel
  • Easy oral hygiene
  • Easily removed for activation outside the patients mouth
  • Full control over torque, tip and rotation
  • Clear acrylic Nance-plate for better visual control of hygiene and possible infections




easy way coil

A new technique for effective alignment of impacted incisors, canines, and premolars

The EASY-WAY-COIL SYSTEM® consists of a stainless steel tension spring which is pivot-mounted to a lingual button with a bonding base. The appliance is activated by systematically shortening the spring. It is reliable and demonstrates an intermitting application of force through out the treatment procedure, including stable maximum anchorage.

  • Zero inflammatory reactions recorded
  • Zero loosening of bonded attachment
  • Zero breakages recorded




FLEX DEVELOPER Class II Correction

flex developer

The FLEX DEVELOPER™ is designed to deliver a reliable force between mandible and maxilla. The power derives from an elastic mini rod that can be thinned to enable a range of treatment forces. The force ranges from 1,000 grams to as little as 50 grams (10 – 0,5 N) and is individually adjusted for the perfect fit for each patient. This one of a kind elastic rod is highly durable, able to withstand the rigorous forces of treatment while maintaining its power and elasticity.


  • Distalising upper molars (HG-like)
  • Mesialising lower molars or premolars (Aplasia or after extractions)
  • Cl II-corrections between upper and lower dental arch
  • Helping to grow the mandible forward
  • Retrusion of upper incisors
  • Protrusion of lower incisors
  • Midline corrections (unilateral application)
  • Unilateral dental Cl II correction (unilateral application)
  • Space closure (even single-sided) in the mandible (aplasia)



HYCON Space Closure Device

hycon device

Fast, precise and successful space closure....made easy!

Adenta has developed this unique device to provide a step by step approach for tooth movement mesially, distally, but more specifically for space closure. With each activation, the HYCON Device allows you to move the tooth in a precise and controlled movement of .007” (1/2 turn), allowing permanent blood supply to the surrounding periodontium structure. This device permits you to make exact and controlled activation in small steps. Each 180 degree turn closes the space .007” precisely.


Two Types of Hycons Now Available:
The Hycon TUBE was designed for our doctors who use a double buccal tube. The post on the Hycon Tube Device is inserted into the auxiliary tube on your double buccal tube.

The Hycon Clipon was designed for our doctors who do NOT use a dobule buccal tube, instead of a post the Hycon Clipon has a kind of self-ligating clip that attaches directly to the archwire.




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