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BIJOU NICKEL-FREEnickle free bracket 2


NICKEL-FREE biocompatible material - perfect for your nickel sensitive patients...

Torque has been built into the base of each bracket to ensure full control of treament and a mesial-distal / occlusal-gingival contour added for accurate placement on each tooth.

  • Strongest Bond Available
  • True Root Angulation
  • Inclined Upper Anterior Crowns
  • Rotation-free Bracket and Buccal Tube








3/4 DEEP BITEdeep bite bracket


The ¾ DEEP BITE™ Bracket provides you with a solution that enables you to bond the lower incisors early in treatment. It minimizes treatment delays and extra steps, speeding up the treatment time.

  • Decrease treatment time for your Deep Bite cases
  • Small incisal bracket wings allow early bonding and faster leveling
  • Superior bonding strength meets zero separation failures
  • Use for pre-molars to achieve better intercuspation









German engineering meets budget!

Just as the name suggests the ECONOLINE™ bracket combines a high quality bracket that performs and also fits your budget.

This bracket offers all the necessary options to reach the desired treatment goals.

  • German Precision
  • Ultra Small In/Out
  • True One-Piece-Bracket – No separation failures
  • Superior adhesive retention
  • Easy ligation
  • Precise bracket placement




CROWN - CROWN MINIcrown-img 2237

The CROWN™ bracket base is designed to conform to the shape of a each individual tooth’s crown. This enables you to use the visible surface and the CROWN™ bracket base with its 4 visual cues to determine exact bracket position. This eliminates guesswork and allows the complete visible surface of the tooth to be used easily and quickly for accurate alignment and positioning.

  • Early diagnosis of problematic tooth forms
  • Highest precision in prescription transmission
  • Ultra Small In/Out
  • True One-Piece-Bracket – No separation failures
  • Superior adhesive retention
  • Easy ligation meets high patient comfort
  • Torque-in-the-base

The CROWN-MINI has all the benefits of the CROWN bracket
in a 20% more compact bracket.

Ultra small...
Ultra low profile...
Ultra comfortable...
Ultra attractive...






FLAIR SLTflair img 2251


More than just self-ligating !

The patented FLAIR SLT™ self-ligating rotational spring clip were designed in order to combine the flexibility of an elastic ligature with the economic advantages of a self-ligating clip by eliminating the clinical limits of a locking self-ligating sliding clip.

  • Outstanding biocompatibility due to the built-in SAFETY RELEASE FUNCTION
  • The non-locking flexible ROTATIONAL SPRING CLIP
  • Easy to open, easy to close
  • Unique Rotation Control
  • Early Torque Control
  • Built-in Over-Rotation Arch
  • Patented Crown Base
  • Ultra low IN/OUT
  • Superior Bonding Strength
  • Outstanding oral hygiene
  • Patient satisfaction


Self-Ligating Opening/Closing Instruments




flair graphic


Linguale Dradenlingual form with sizes

Lingual Mechanics just got easier! As lingual practitioners are well aware, there is zero tolerance for torque in any lingual straight wire system.

Pre-made lingual mushroom arch-forms are available but not recommended, as the offset needs to be specific to your patient.




FLEXADENT NiTi Reverse Curve

reverse curve rcs1 FLEXADENT™ REVERSE CURVE Nickel Titanium wires provide light to moderate, constant forces. These wires are flexible and exhibit excellent resiliency.

  • Bite opening or closing.
  • Initial leveling and aligning.
  • Arch consolidation and expansion.
  • Deep and open bite correction.
  • Retraction of flared, protruding incisors

Available in both FLEXADENT™ NiTi and THERMADENT™ Heat-Activated Medium Force archwires.




DURADENT Stainless Steelflexadent NiTi

Adenta’s Solid STAINLESS STEEL archwires are produced of high quality medical grade Type 304VSS material with highly polished surfaces to provide reduced friction between bracket and arch. Their high forces are well-suited for stabilizing positioned teeth during mid- to late stages of treatment. Rectangular wires offer precise torque control for these same stages.

  • Superior smooth, bright finish.
  • Precise shape and flatness of arches is ensured through tight production control.
  • Best suited as finishing wire, as forces drop quickly as teeth move.
  • Easy bend placement.
  • Good corrosion resistance.





TRIDENT CNA Beta III Nickel Free

flexadent NiTi

This nickel-free wire offers excellent formability and moderate forces for mid- to late stage treatment. Offering easier ligation than stainless steel and moderate tooth-moving forces, wire allows for earlier use of rectangular wire for torque correction. Its formability is ideal for chairside placement of loops and bends for space closure, tipping, or focused tooth movement. Lengths are perfect for fabrication of auxiliary arches, retainer and palatal appliances, as well as devices requiring intricate bends or loops.

  • Safe for nickel sensitive patients
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • High springback and flexibility
  • Low force-deflection rate
  • Moderate stiffness
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent formability and bend correction without breakage
  • Weldable
  • Smooth polished surface





THERMADENT Heat-Activated NiTi

flexadent NiTi

THERMADENT™ wire provides outstanding resiliency and exhibits true thermal performance. Soft at room temperature and in the doctor’s hand, THERMADENT™ allows for easy ligation. Outstanding shape integrity.

THERMADENT™ Heat Activated Light Forces 40°C
THERMADENT™ Light Force is a Heat-Activated (thermal) wire specifically designed for consistent Af performance and low tooth moving forces.

THERMADENT™ Heat Activated Moderate Force 35°C
THERMADENT™ Medium Force is our specially developed Heat-Activated Nickel Titanium wire with consistent Af performance and moderate forces. This is an easy wire to work with plus the optimal forces deliver great results!




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