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  HSZ 997-12-1 Oliestift


BAXMANN MINI TELESCOPE Rigid Class II correction

The new generation of Class II correction - comfort, strength and control with simple installation and activation.


The BMT™ is designed specifically to attach easily and quickly to a headgear tube or lip bumper tube. Directly attaching to the buccal tube, eliminates uncontrolled forces being transmitted to the main arch, creating undesirable protrusion.  Attachment is fast and easy as this system requires no prior lab work.

Professor Baxmanns’ Mini Telescope is designed specifically to reduce and eliminate common problems experienced during Class II correction -undesirable intrusive molar forces, undesired protrusion, lack of control, breakage issues, complicated installations and activation.









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  • Ligature cutter, Distal End Cutter
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 HSZ 997-12-1 Oliestift              Distal end cutter


Tangen & Instrumenten van Hammacher

The company Karl Hammacher GmbH, member of the Association of German Dental Industry (VDDI, Cologne), is producing for 90 years at the location Solingen and is operating worldwide. In own facilities the famility company is producing hand instruments from stainless steels and the special steel WIRONIT for:

  • the dentist
  • the dental technician
  • the orthodontist
  • the hospital
  • the biological, chemical, medical und technical laboratory







arch form chart natural

arch form chart euro form

arch form chart standard form

arch form chart lingual form


TWISTADENT 3-Flex Stainless Steel 3-Strand Wire

stainless 3-strandThe 3-Strand wires are made of three equal-sized medical grade Type 302SS wires twisted into a single, fine wire to provide moderate tooth-moving forces.

Three-Strand STAINLESS STEEL archwires are best-suited for initial alignment and the finishing stage of treatment.

  • Bright surface finish.
  • Moderate force, but drops quickly as teeth move.
  • Moderate resiliency; measurably better than Solid STAINLESS STEEL wire.



TWISTADENT 6-Flex Stainless Steel 6-Strand Wire (Coax)stainless 6-strand

Coax wire is made of five equal-size wires wrapped around a single, same-size core wire. Manufactured of high quality medical grade Type 302SS.

Offers low to moderate forces and relatively good resiliency. Appropriate for use in early or late treatment stages.

  • Bright finish.
  • Low to moderate forces.
  • Good for initial alignment.
  • Relatively good resiliency.
  • Short activation time, as forces drop quickly as teeth move.



TWISTADENT 8-Flex Stainless Steel 8-Braided Wirestainless 8-strand

8-Braided Wire is best for early and late treatment stages.

  • High resiliency.
  • Easy to ligate.
  • Low forces.
  • Great for aligning and for finishing.
  • Rectangle wires can be used for added torque control.







joy bracketsJOY

Freedom for the tongue, full treatment control for the orthodontist

JOY™ advantages at a glance:

  • A perfect and truly undetectable alternative to clear aligners,
    as no patient compliance is required and they are truly undetectable
  • Frictionless with archwires up to .016”
  • Choose between indirect or direct bonding
  • Choose between 3D and 2D treatment options
  • Cost effective
  • Minimize high laboratory costs
  • Easy to handle




Waarom voor een linguale behandeling kiezen?






EVOLUTION SLT evolution-slt

No ordinary self-ligating bracket - experience a clip that works for you in so many ways...

Overcoming the limitations of self-ligating brackets with 3 patents:

  • Patented non-locking rotating clip resulting in unique flexibility
  • Patented slot for horizontal arch wire insertion in the front
  • Patented Crown Base – individual tooth shaped base for easy direct bonding and true 3D base coverture
  • Responsive
  • Passive and active
  • Outstanding biocompatibility due to the built-in Safety Release Function
  • Optimum Force
  • Unique Rotation Control
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Early Torque Control
  • 2.35 mm effective slot width


Self-Ligating Opening/Closing Instruments




 evolution indirect bonding system for website

 Meer info over SMART indirecte bonding syteem. 



Waarom voor een linguale behandeling kiezen?


CLEAR Ceramic

clear aesthetic brackets

Monocrystalline sapphire ceramic brackets offer you a truly transparent material. Nearly invisible against any tooth shade and stays crystal clear without staining.

Most of the ceramic brackets on the market are made out of either polycrystalline or monocrystalline sapphire. The primary difference between these two materials is their optical clarity. Monocrystalline alumina ceramic brackets have a more translucent (clearer) appearance whereas polycrystalline brackets are more whitish (toothcolored).

  • Perfect Material
  • Unique Bonding Base
  • High resistance
  • Superior patient comfort
  • Slot design
  • Low profile
  • Maximun Tie-Wing strength
  • Easy and reliable ligation
  • Correct material produces big advantages

DISCREET Ultra Low frictiondiscreet

The ultimate goal to unite brilliant aesthetics with outstanding ultra-low frictional forces.
The DISCREET™ Bracket is made of the revolutionary innovative material called CLEAR HYBRID and goes beyond poly-crystalline alumina and ceramic brackets.

  • Ultra-Low Friction
  • Unique Tolerances
  • Endless clarity & translucency
  • Soft durability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Conserving the Enamel





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