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Equipement laboratoire TWINSTAR V 3142 reministar

  • BIOSTAR: appareil de thermoformage universel pour toutes les opérations de thermoformage dentaires et orthodontiques avec lecture optique des code-barres et une pression de travail augmentée à 6 bar.

  • MINISTAR S: la nouvelle génération de l'appareil de thermoformage maniable ayant fait ses preuves, dorénavant muni d'une lecture optique de code-barres. La plaque codée sera lue par le scanner, permettant à la fois la programmation de toutes les données importantes, comme temps de chauffe, de refroidissement et température.

  • TWINSTAR P: appareil de thermoformage par pression pour les applications dentaires de base, comme p.e. BIOSTAR li 3001
    les provisoires, gouttières, protège-dents, prises d'occlusions et P.E.I.










Technique de thermoformage de Scheu Dentalduran  DURASOFT seal 33383339Kartonage 2015



  • Gouttières Miniplast
  • Gouttières occlusales
  • Gouttières de DCM
  • Gouttières pour l'implantologie
  • Retainers invisibles
  • Couronnes et bridges provisoires



 DURASOFT seal 3339








Dieptrek techniek van Scheu Dental

DURASOFT seal 33383339Kartonage 2015duran



  • Miniplast splints
  • Occlusale splints
  • CMD splints
  • Drilling/X-ray templates
  • Anti-snurk toepassingen
  • Onzichtbare beugel
  • Tijdelijk kroon- en brugwerk

 DURASOFT seal 3339








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The Surgical Model Accuracy Device – precise oral and maxillofacial surgery

The Surgical Model Accuracy Device (SMAD) was developed in order to undertake all surgical modifications on the dental model in exact single mm and degree steps. By turning the different screws of the Multidirectional Adaptation Appliance as well as the different segments of the SMAD plate, all dental segments can be moved independently with the precision orthodontists and surgeons have been looking for. For example, front teeth segments can be vertically off-set up to 2 mm by adding 0.5mm discs. Buccal segments can be moved sagittal as well as lateral. Thus, all surgical possible movements and modifications of the jaws can be already done precisely and safely on the dental model.


surgical model accuracy device


lab tec 4




The Occlusal Plane Reference – for accurate dental modifications

Changes in the plane of occlusion lead to an alteration in function, comfort and esthetics and need to be done in a highly precise way. The Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR) allows changing the occlusion in exact single mm and degree steps in all possible directions, a total novum in orthodontics. By turning the different screws of the Multidirectional Adaptation Appliance, the acrylic plate can be rotated and turned in precise small steps in order to modify or maintain the occlusal plane in regards of height, rotation, and transversal inclination. Furthermore, it allows fixing the lingual or vestibular arch wire in a precise, safe, and repeatable way for indirect bonding procedures.


occlusal plane reference


lab tec 1



TOP FIT Lingual Attachmentslgs-f

Lingual Sheaths are narrow in the occlusal-gingival dimension and have mesial/distal welding flanges that are curved slightly for better adaptation to bands.

Available with or without a window - latching indent - horizontal
Wire Size .036
Weldable only







intraoral elasticIntra-Orale Elastics

Latex Elastics

  • Force in ounces is measured at 3x passive activation diameter
  • Packaged in color-coded tamper-proof patient bags
  • Six bright colors in each bag and clear colored elastics also available

Latex Free Elastics

  • Eliminates latex allergic reaction concerns
  • Use with aligner cases or ceramic and composite brackets
  • Force in ounces is measured at 3x passive diameter
  • Packaged in color-coded tamper-proof patient bags



elastic ligatureElastic Ligatures

  • Medical Grade polyurethane
  • Superior color stability, fade resistant
  • High elasticity and excellent rebound
  • Stain and moisture resistant material

Regular / Glow in the Dark.  Designed to maximize treatment efficiency, long-term elasticity facilitate both archwire retention and tooth movement.




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