HYCON Space Closure Device

hycon device

Fast, precise and successful space closure....made easy!

Adenta has developed this unique device to provide a step by step approach for tooth movement mesially, distally, but more specifically for space closure. With each activation, the HYCON Device allows you to move the tooth in a precise and controlled movement of .007” (1/2 turn), allowing permanent blood supply to the surrounding periodontium structure. This device permits you to make exact and controlled activation in small steps. Each 180 degree turn closes the space .007” precisely.


Two Types of Hycons Now Available:
The Hycon TUBE was designed for our doctors who use a double buccal tube. The post on the Hycon Tube Device is inserted into the auxiliary tube on your double buccal tube.

The Hycon Clipon was designed for our doctors who do NOT use a dobule buccal tube, instead of a post the Hycon Clipon has a kind of self-ligating clip that attaches directly to the archwire.




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