FLEX DEVELOPER Class II Correction

flex developer

The FLEX DEVELOPER™ is designed to deliver a reliable force between mandible and maxilla. The power derives from an elastic mini rod that can be thinned to enable a range of treatment forces. The force ranges from 1,000 grams to as little as 50 grams (10 – 0,5 N) and is individually adjusted for the perfect fit for each patient. This one of a kind elastic rod is highly durable, able to withstand the rigorous forces of treatment while maintaining its power and elasticity.


  • Distalising upper molars (HG-like)
  • Mesialising lower molars or premolars (Aplasia or after extractions)
  • Cl II-corrections between upper and lower dental arch
  • Helping to grow the mandible forward
  • Retrusion of upper incisors
  • Protrusion of lower incisors
  • Midline corrections (unilateral application)
  • Unilateral dental Cl II correction (unilateral application)
  • Space closure (even single-sided) in the mandible (aplasia)



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